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A short summary of the house rules we are using

* Characters cannot roll more than 10 dice (this isn’t actually a house rule in 1e).
* Free Raises may either be used as normal Raises or be used to add +1k0 to a roll (normally Free Raises cannot do this).
* Void Points can be spent to increase a Trait or Ring by 1 (usually they can only increase Traits).

* Full Attacks grant two Free Raises (instead of just a +2k0 to attack rolls).
* The Full Defense action changes TN to (Agility + Defense) x 5 (instead of the opponent dropping dice rolled below the character’s Agility + Defense).
* Characters can decrease their TN to be Hit as a “Raise” to Guard an ally from enemy attacks (this is something done in some combat examples but there aren’t hard rules for it).
* Characters who can only make one attack may make two attacks by making four Raises on both attack rolls (nothing like this exists in 1e).

* The yari adds +2k0 to Initiative on the first turn of battle, instead of the usual +1k0 (this is to give value to the yari compared to the naginata).
* The dai tsuchi deals 4k2 damage (normally it only does 2k2 and is strictly inferior to the tetsubo).


* The Mirumoto Rank 3 and the Shiba Rank 2 do not cost Void Points: the bushi may freely raise or lower their TN to be targeted by spells by 5 (spending a Void Point is a little too much to make that technique feel worthwhile).
* The Bayushi Bushi Rank 2 works entirely differently: when an enemy attacks the Bayushi and does not hit, their TN to be Hit the next time the Bayushi attacks is 5 (this is how this technique works in 2e).

House Rules

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