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Every scar is a lesson.

-Long scar along spine from that ronin
-Right forearm scar from Shiotome lance
-Right bicep, sowrd wond
-Puncture wound on chest, left ribs
-Right thigh, from a Bayushi’s blade at Kenson Gakka
-Left thigh, this time a Soshi’s blade at Shiro Usagi
-Small puncture scar on chest from Topaz Championship
-A host of small scars across his body from minor wounds taken in war
-Many tiny training scars on hands and wrists
-Thin scar reaching from his right temple, along his forehead, and cutting down through the center of his right eyebrow, courtesy of a Scorpion blade at Shiro Usagi
-Puncture wound on right side of stomach from Blood Moon arrow
-Internal lung damage from Gessho.

- Scar along her Left arm from an Iaijutsu duel (Nobuyuki)
- Scar on her Right leg (bandit at Kyotei Castle)
- Scar across her cheek from an Iaijutsu duel (Hibiki/Takumi)
- Tip of her left ear cut off from an Iaijutsu duel (Hibiki/Takumi)
- Bone broken in leg from being pierced with a sword (against Unicorn bushi)
- Burns that will scar silvery along her chest from the Shadowlands (goblin shaman)
- Scarring that goes down from her chest to her abdomen where her lungs exploded (maho-tsukai Gessho)
- Missing her left eye (tainted Crab)

-Scar on her left hip from a yamabushi’s naginata at the Shrine of the Red Moon

- Bite on leg from Tsi fish.
- Stabbed through heart by Bayushi Sugai.
- Shot in back by archer in mass combat.
- Broken hip from ronin warrior.
- Cut up/stabbed by Yachi and Nobuyuki.
- Leg nearly torn off by Scorpion duelist.
- Several puncture wounds from heretic’s arrows.

-Small scar on left forearm from a bandit
-Thin scar on lower torso, just above the navel from also a bandit
-an owwie on her arm and nobody will kiss it better :(


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