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Crane Clan

Doji Hiroshi: The father of Hibiki and a former Emerald Magistrate before he retired as a monk and took the name Dainei. He became famous for solving high-profile crimes through unconventional means.

Doji Tsuya: The wife of Hiroshi and Hibiki’s mother. She has not yet retired and still manages her former husband’s estate. Her quiet and respectful demeanor mask subtle manipulation. Her fate after her son was cast out as a ronin is uncertain.

Doji Junko: The late wife of Hibiki who took her own life over a tragic misunderstanding. She was formerly Matsu Junko and fought in the Lion military before giving up her life as a bushi to join the Crane.

Kakita Kawamura: A respected duelist who served Hiroshi for years and the father of Akodo Natsumi. He is a quiet and honorable man who sees his swordsmanship more like an art or sport than he does a means of performing violence. Kawamura was killed by Natsumi.

Kakita Haruka: The younger sister of Natsumi, she’s a young woman who resents her elder sister for what happened to her father and is currently in the care of the Lion.

Kakita Genji: A young bushi on a mission to find the Moonspeaker Sage. Later it is revealed that “Kakita Genji” is just an alias for the son of the Emperor, Hantei Sotorii.

Dragon Clan

Mirumoto Hatsu: A renown warrior from a noble bloodline who served Hiroshi as a yojimbo for years, who came to respect the magistrate for his effectiveness even if he always despised his methods. Hatsu died shortly before his retirement at the hand of his son’s lover, Katsue.

Agasha Nichie: The eldest daughter of Hatsu and a shugenja who trained with the Agasha. Nichie is a prodigy among her generation and researches magic in an effort to maximize its destructive capabilities. She is cold hearted, intently focused on her ambitions, and holds resentment toward both her siblings for the deaths of her parents. After Yachi inherited his family’s estate, Nichie swore fealty to the Agasha Family.

Mirumoto Ochia: The youngest child of Hatsu whose mother died giving birth to her and a shugenja of minor ability. Forever unable to live up to the expectations of her father and unable to match the potential of her siblings, Ochia has always lived in the shadow of her distinguished lineage.

Kitsuki Hayate: An investigator who worked with Hiroshi since before he became an Emerald Magistrate and the father of Misuzu. Hayate used traditional applications of the Kitsuki Method in his time as a yoriki and was eventually promoted to Dragon Magistrate himself after Hiroshi retired. He recently retired himself, leaving Misuzu as his heir.

Kitsuki Yukina: The wife of Hayate and a former member of the Bayushi family. She and her husband were wed under questionable circumstances. Their marriage was amiable though they never had more than one child. Yukina supposedly returned to Scorpion lands upon her retirement, but instead stayed in Dragon lands as a spy using the name Soshi Atsuya, and eventually was killed.

Kitsuki Sugai: The husband of Misuzu and a former member of the Bayushi family like his wife’s mother. Sugai competed in the Topaz Championship of 1118 and made it to the finals of the iaijutsu tournament where he defeated Doji Hibiki, but was not given the title of Topaz Champion. Later, Sugai revealed himself to have only married Misuzu to infiltrate the Dragon and he betrayed her.

Mirumoto Yumiko: Originally of the Dragonfly Clan’s Tonbo Family and a courtier, Yumiko is the wife of Yachi. She’s known to be a kind, diplomatic woman who has the misfortune of a weak heart and having been orphaned at a young age. In actuality, Yumiko is the identity of a Shosuro actor.

Kitsuki Akane: A bushi who serves as yojimbo to Misuzu. She is a quiet woman who uses small swords and fights with precision and grace.

Mirumoto Nagahide: A Mirumoto daimyo close in age to Yachi and a member of a branch family of the Mirumoto noble line. Nagahide was an exceptionally skilled swordsman who performed seppuku after being accused of murder at Gisu Castle, where Yachi served as his second.

Aya: The eldest child of Yachi and his daughter by the former geisha Katsue.

Sozu: Yachi’s eldest son by his wife, Yumiko.

Aiko: Misuzu’s daughter who was killed when she was not even a month old.

Lion Clan

Akodo Akihito: The husband of Natsumi and a former tactician in the Lion’s military. He was responsible for the attack that caused the death of the former Kakita Family Daimyo and is known for his lateral thinking and unconventional tactics that he learned in his time as a scout. Akihito suffered serious injuries during a bombing at a Lion military outpost and lost his arm, retiring as a warrior.

Akodo Souma: Akihito’s only sister and a samurai-ko trained by the Ikoma. She would follow Akihito into battle, inspire his troops, and record his victories. Souma initially disliked Natsumi and believed Akihito should have married a Lion woman, but gradually warmed up to her before being killed by assassins in the attack that cost Akihito his arm.

Akodo Chieko: A former member of the Lion military who served under Akihito’s command before her marriage. Chieko visits Akihito’s house to aid him in daily tasks and caring for his son when she can.

Akodo Akiko: The mother of Akihito and Souma, as well as their three other siblings who passed away.

Ichiro: The eldest son of Natsumi and Akihito who was killed during an attack on Lion lands.

Jiro: The second son of Natsumi and Akihito.

Phoenix Clan

Isawa Taru: The father of Isawa Kawako and a former companion of Doji Hiroshi before he was himself promoted to Phoenix Inquisitor. He is an honorable man who took his investigations of black magic seriously.

Isawa Toshihiro: The husband of Kawako and the Isawa family’s minister of trade, he has an important position providing the life essentials for the Isawa family. While respected by his trade partners and by those of other clans, his own family looks down on him for working with commerce and his neglected shugenja abilities.

Isawa Fukushima: The eldest son of Taru and brother to Kawako. He had a large family of six children and was a teacher at the Isawa Water School, but perished in a taryu-jiai duel against Shiba Sayoko.

Isawa Ichijo: A Phoenix Inquisitor with a questionable reputation and the father of Minako and Sayoko.

Shiba Masako: The mother of Nobuyuki and the long-time yojimbo to Isawa Taru, who served him both while he assisted Doji Hiroshi and later when he became an Inquisitor. Masako is a kind woman who cares deeply for her son, even though her time with him was limited due to her duties.

Shiba Kazuo: The father of Nobuyuki, Kazuo is a good-spirited man who worked with Toshihiro’s father as a house guard in his youth and later joined the Shiba military where he was responsible for road patrols.

Shiba Sayoko: The wife of Nobuyuki along with her twin, Minako. Sayoko is a powerful air shugenja who bears a terrible reputation for being an illegitimate child and for her extreme social disfunciton.

Shiba Minako: The other wife of Nobuyuki, whose marriage to twins has caused severe damage to his reputation. Like her sister she is a powerful air shugenja that bears a bad reputation and has social difficulties.

Hajime: The son of Nobuyuki and Minako. He had a twin sister who died only a few days after being born.

Utsu: Kawako’s eldest child.

Kiko: Kawako’s eldest daughter.

Asako Kagetsu: The daimyo of Gisu Palace and a Shiba bushi. He’s a young man and friend of the Emperor, but while charismatic and a strong warrior he still lacks life experience.

Asako Kinoshita: An Emerald Magistrate who works in Lion lands, primarily between disputes the Lion have with the Crane. Prior he was a Phoenix magistrate who primarily dealt with paperwork regarding merchants. Kinoshita is a close friend of Isawa Toshihiro.

Sesai Minami: A graceful and respectful samurai-ko who serves as a yojimbo to Kinoshita.

Scorpion Clan

Shosuro Rei: An Emerald Magistrate who has caused the party grief on multiple occasions. Whether she is devoted to justice or merely the interests of the Scorpion Clan is uncertain. She has several assistants: Kitsuki Noritake, an adviser, Bayushi Yamamoto, a yojimbo, Kochako Fujioka, another yojimbo, Isawa Honjou, a shugenja, and Yasuki Momonoi, a courtier.

Bayushi Tomaru: A Scorpion general who was responsible for the attack on Shiro Usagi and the destruction of the Hare Clan.

Unicorn Clan

Otaku Anju: An Otaku shiotome who befriended Nobuyuki during his musha shugyo years ago, and the sister of Otaku Shiko. Anju is a talented warrior who sees herself first and foremost as a warrior to her clan.

Otaku Shiko: A young Otaku shiotome who graduated at the top of her class and was chosen to compete in the Topaz Championship. She perished by the hand of Bayushi Sugai in a duel after making allegations that he was involved in murder with no proof.

Shinjo Gidayu: A Shinjo daimyo and the uncle of Otaku Anju. The party briefly worked for him during a Setsuban Festival, first by escorting important scrolls and then retrieving them from ronin who stole them. Gidayu is an aged man with a dark secret, and is soon expected to retire.

Ide Tadaji: The diplomatic daimyo of the Ide Family who was slayed by Yachi during a night assault on Shiro Ide.

Ide Ji-Hun: The eldest son of Tadaji and the one to inherit the role of daimyo after his father’s death. He has one younger sister and two younger brothers.

Ide Mi-Yun: The daughter of Tadaji, and a quiet girl who inhereted the soft demeanor of the Phoenix from her former-Asako mother.

Ide Airi: A beautiful girl with exotic green eyes who was considered the pride of the Ide court. She was betrothed to Ide Tadaji’s eldest son, Ji-Hun, before her capture.


Isako: A ronin samurai-ko who Takumi found while injured and nursed back to health. She’s been his companion since then, traveling with him to Lion lands and teaching him how to work as a mercenary.

Ozaki: The eldest son of the former Hare Clan’s daimyo, Usagi Oda, Ozaki is a young ronin who carries his defunct clan’s ancestral sword after retrieving it from the Shadowlands alongside Natsumi.


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