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Kakita Bushi Techniques
Strike Like Lightning
“Fear can kill the uncertain mind as swiftly as a sword can cut an uncertain foe.” ―The Sword
The speed and strength of will of the Kakita School leads to victory, while the slow and weak-willed are doomed to defeat. When the Kakita bushi attacks an enemy who has a lower Initiative score, he adds the difference between his Initiative and his opponent’s to all of his attack rolls, to a maximum of a +10 bonus.

The One Strike
“A single man, a single weapon. They are one. But this is not to simply say that the duelist wields one sword―rather that the duelist is one sword.”―The Sword
The Kakita bushi has perfected the strike that combines body, spirit, and sword. The single strike, the One Strike of the attuned weapon, alone will defeat his opponents. Whenever the Kakita bushi spends a Void Point to add +1k1 to an attack using his katana he also adds +1k1 to his damage roll.

Strength of Honor
“Honor is the heart of the duel―the breath and the blood of the sword.” ―The Sword
The Kakita knows that the sword must live within him. The duelist does not wield one sword―rather, the duelist is one sword. In an iaijutsu duel, the Kakita may detect his opponent’s Honor Rank during Assessment. If the Kakita bushi’s Honor Rank is higher than his opponent’s, he gains Void Points equal to the difference between their ranks. These Void Points disappear at the end of the duel.


Mirumoto Bushi Techniques
The River Sword
“Be like the water, ever flowing with no beginning or ending.” ―Niten
The Mirumoto bushi know that battle is not decided in a single strike, but by a single mistake. He strives to waste no movements, to never be caught off-balance and to target his enemy’s weakness. On his turn, the Mirumoto may choose to add 5 to his TN to be Hit, or add his Fire to all attack and damage rolls he makes. The Mirumoto must be wielding his daisho and may not gain this benefit if he declares a Full Attack or Full Defense.

Strike Between Moments
“If he breathes on one, prepares on two, and strikes on three, I am striking between one and two.” ―Niten
This technique was developed by Mirumoto Hojatsu late in his life and was used for the first time in his final encounter with Kakita. Once per skirmish the Mirumoto may spend a Void Point in response to an enemy’s attack to strike him with his daisho. First, the enemy’s attack is resolved normally. Then the Mirumoto makes his own attack at a TN of the enemy’s attack roll, but without the effects of the opponent’s attack, if he was hit (including wound penalties or death). Should the Mirumoto’s attack be successful, he reduces any wounds he would have suffered by an amount equal to damage he did to his enemy.
     While mostly practiced with the daisho, the true secret to Mirumoto’s techniques are based on timing and rhythm, not just swordsmanship. If the bushi makes two Raises, this technique may be used with any weapon.

Calm in the Midst of Thunder
“When the spirit is clear, it is in tune with the elements, in perfect accordance, and you will be one with all the universe.” ―Niten
The Mirumoto Bushi are taught to enter the state of mushin, or “no-mind,” where they leave their body and mind behind and act move using the spirit alone, unrestrained by thought. At the start of a combat round, the Mirumoto may spend a Void Point. All enemies within striking range must likewise spend a Void Point. If they do not, they may not spend any Void Points for any reason. If an opponent does not have any Void Points (or does not possess a Void Ring), the Mirumoto’s attacks against them inflict +1k1 damage.

Kitsuki Magistrate Techniques
The Purity of Justice
The Kitsuki’s desire to bring justice to criminals knows no bounds, and she is trained to understand the mind of a criminal better than any other man. When dealing with a criminal, be it in a duel, skirmish, or accusation in court, the Kitsuki treats all of her Traits as if they were one higher. This does not increase her Rings (such as Earth or Void).
     A criminal is someone who the Kitsuki has personally obtained evidence proving the guilt of, or who he personally witnessed commit a crime. Criminals are also those who have been decreed guilty by an Imperial or Dragon authority, regardless of the validity of the judgment.

Finding the Path
The Kitsuki’s study of the human mind has shown that people are not dissimilar to puzzles, and using the right input can cause them to reveal useful information. A Kitsuki may use this this technique while conversing with someone to cause them to say more on the topic of the conversation than they otherwise would be comfortable with. Using this technique requires the Kitsuki make a successful Awareness + Nazodo roll contested by the target’s Awareness + Etiquette.
     With Raises, targets can be pushed to admit details they usually would not, including admitting details the Kitsuki already knows or suspects the subject of knowing. A Raise should be called for a dishonorable, embarrassing, or criminal detail. People never admit to outright crime or scandal, but can be lead to statements revealing their involvement. Clever Kitsuki can even use Raises to prevent their subject from noticing the slip that they made.
     (Example: a killer would not say “I am the murderer” but may be lead to say “It is a shame that he was stabbed that way,” while an adulterer may not say “I am cheating on my wife” but could admit that he enjoyed the view of the trees outside the room of his partner last night.)

Master the Enemy
The life of a magistrate can frequently bring many Kitsuki into dangerous situations, be they against assassins sent to stop an unwanted investigation or dueling against accused criminals. By learning to read his enemy’s movements, the Kitsuki can defeat them through understanding. At the start of a combat round, the Kitsuki may choose one opponent to make a contested Perception roll against.
     If successful, she may choose to either gain Free Raises on her attacks against that enemy, or give that enemy a dice penalty to attacks targeting her. The number of Free Raises and the dice penalty given is equal to the magistrate’s School Rank.


Shiba Bushi Techniques
Move With the World
The Shiba bushi understand that they are not only a part of the universe, but that the universe is part of them. This ancient defensive technique has lead to the fame of the Shiba yojimbo, who both move to react to their enemies and to protect others. At the start of a combat round, if the Shiba declared a Full Defense he may spend a Void Point and make a TN 20 Void Ring roll. If successful, he can immediately gain the benefits of his Full Defense, regardless of his turn in Initiative order. If he declared a Guard for an ally, he may also perform it immediately.

Strength of the Elements
Shiba bushi are taught to harmonize with the elements, and their duties frequently place them alongside Isawa shugenja, either in defense of Phoenix lands or while serving as yojimbo. By spending an hour meditating the Shiba can attune himself to the magic of one shugenja. When he performs this attunement, he picks one element; whenever the shugenja casts a spell of that element, the Shiba gains one Void Point. These Void Points can exceed the Shiba’s Void Ring, but he may not gain more Void Points this way in a single day than his Rank in the corresponding Ring.
     It is said that some Shiba bushi have attempted to bond with an Ishi and draw power directly from Void magic itself; the fortunate survived with only a broken mind.

The Spirit of Beauty
Even though primarily a bushi family, the Shiba have a long tradition of introspection and the development of the arts is considered a natural outgrowth of the family’s devotion to peace and harmony. Though they lack the fame and acclaim of the Kakita family, Shiba artisans have a good reputation throughout the Empire and many serve as ambassadors to the courts of other clans. The Shiba adds his Void Ring to the total of any roll using a high skill that he is trained with, and twice his Void Ring to rolls with artisan skills.


Emerald Magistrate Techniques
Saibankan’s Method
The founder of the Emerald Magistrates, Soshi Saibankan, developed simple but effective techniques for his duties that are still practiced to this day. The magistrate gains Free Raises when making a Courtier, Heraldry, Hunting, Investigation, Law, or Sincerity roll. In addition, the magistrate may spend a Void Point once per session to automatically succeed on any roll with one of these Skills. The number of Free Raises the magistrate gains is equal to the number of techniques she knows from the Emerald Magistrate School.

In His Name
The Emerald Magistrates are the will of the Emperor brought forth to the Great Clans, and to serve her is to serve the Emperor. This technique increase the maximum number of Void Points the magistrate regains upon rest or meditation by the number of techniques she knows from the Emerald Magistrate School.
     In addition, she may spend Void Points on behalf of her subordinates while they are in her presence and acting under her authority, which does not prohibit their own use of Void Points. The magistrate must teach subordinates for them to become beneficiaries of this technique, which usually requires a week of training.

Honor is My Shield
The Emerald Magistrates act with the will of the Emperor and are protected by his blessing. During a skirmish, the magistrate may declare the use of this technique to cause one opponent to subtract dice equal to his Honor Rank from all damage rolls he makes against her this round. The magistrate may also grant this benefit to her subordinates at the cost of a Void Point, spent either by the magistrate or the subordinate. This technique may be activated a number of times in a skirmish equal to the number of techniques she knows from the Emerald Magistrate School.

Advanced Techniques

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